About Me

Here's a resume style page about me.


Operating Systems

I am familiar with both Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems. I run Windows 10 on a desktop computer that I built and Arch Linux on a laptop. I am also reasonably familiar with operating systems on a lower level and I know a bit about CPU architecure and machine code.


I write a lot of code for fun and I know several languages. I mostly write code and/or bash scripts relating to utilities I want to use, customizations to my computers, simulations I want to try, cellular automata I want to study, or games I want to play. I am most fluent in Haskell and JavaScript, but I also know C, Python, Java, and C#. Some of my projects can be found on github here. Be warned, depending on when you visit it, by github might be filled with unfinished or poorly documented projects that I'm working on for fun.


I use HTML, LaTeX, and Markdown often. I especially enjoy typesetting documents in LaTeX. If you want anything typeset (and you know me in real life) get in touch. I'm sure we can work something out. See my typesetting showcase


I know the basics of Unity, Blender, and GNU GIMP. I can do basic image proscessing and 3D modeling.


Stuff I just do for fun.


I play a lot of backgammon. For those who might not know, backgammon is an ancient game of luck and skill. In many people's opinions (including mine) backgammon surpasses even chess when it comes to strategy. I play somewhat frequently on this site, which I would recomend to serious and casual players.

Power Tumbling

I have taken power tumbling classes for about 4 years and I've become quite good.


I have a small collection of high end knives. My collection is worth arround $1200 and I have 12 knives. Some of my favorites include a Spyderco Limited Edition Black Para 3 with Natural G10, a Kizer Blue Titanium Mini Sheepdog, and a Kizer Megatherium with carbon fiber inserts. I also enjoy sharpening knives. See here

for more on sharpening.